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i know how it is to carry around lots of stuff that can't be weated in a city that rains too much my equipment is so important to me and i am so afraid to ruin it almost every day rains and its almost allways at the time that i i'm gonig home. half days last year rained in my city

Yeah that’s basically how it is here too .

The worse is when it rains when we are suppose to be painting outside.

So you either paint in the rain or paint from a photo which never turns out right. *sigh*

i saw your school in google maps and is really cool out side

Yeah, Campus is pretty nice. It’s small too which I like.

The only downside is since we live in Florida, it rains a lot and it’s kind of impossible to get for one to place to another without getting something wet.

So it makes carrying big sketchpens and art pieces around campus kind of pain.

i'm a freshman actually (sorry my english is really not good)

Okay that’s cool too!  OuO

It’s alright, my english isn’t prefect a lot of the time and it’s my first language.  

yeah the school that i'm at is one of the best middle public school in my city and my father is so proud that i'm there but my class is the last at middle school after we graduate there will just be high school

That’s awesome, it’s great you’re in a good school. So I guess that means you’ll be starting High school after this summer right?

I’m sure you’ll do fine.

i am in middle school in electronics technician (i don't know how translate this sorry) and is so freaking cool. is a good thing that your school buy new stuff because if that helps the students is very important

Aw man, it’s cool that you’re in specific kind of schooling already and that you’re enjoying it.  Specialized Middle schools are kind of rare where I live, heck specialized HIGH SCHOOL are still rare here, there was only one high school in my area that specialized in math and science. 

Yeah, Ringling is really good at buy all of the new stuff, they switch from normal Macs to Cintiqs in the Illustration classes like just last year and now we have more Cintiqs then some small companies. 

do you think electronics is cool?

Definably! Electronics are awesome!  Although I’ve never that person who needed the newest of everything but I think they’re cool.

Speaking of which, my school is kind of that asshole buys the new thing before everyone else, there’s been a lot of talk about how we going to have a few 3D printers on campus soon which is pretty cool. I haven’t even got the chance to use any of the cintiqs yet. Maybe next year. 

(We were talking about this in my 3D class and my professor said we’ll probably be about to print babies in the future.)) 

do you like cake boss or cup cake wars or ace of cakes?

I’ve seen bits of them, I tend to not watch shows like that because they make me hungry and I’ll never get to eat said cake so that makes me sad.