Hey, I'm Al. I'm a cosplayer, artist, and professional worrier.
I'm a student at RCAD and I like cartoons.

Yo Gravity Falls folks, so I was wondering who is planning to watch the Mystery Manual Marathon this Saturday.

I’m 100% sure I’ll be able to watch the whole day (tho if I can, I probably will because let’s face I don’t have much else to do)) But if I do I’m thinking of doing a little event type things along with it. 

Like maybe I’ll do a little sketch or doodle for each episode.  I don’t know about you do I think it would be great to get a more art and fun things in the Gravity Falls tag to get ready for season 2.

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"What is your favorite part of [Steven Universe’s] plot and how it speaks to the audience?"

"As much as Amethyst and Pearl kinda butt heads on things, they clearly love each other and care for each other. And that goes for all of the Gems"

Oh cool, now I have an interview to point to whenever people try to assert that Amethyst and Pearl actually hate each other.